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How Dental Implant Failure Happens

Dental implants continue to boast a high success rate among patients with missing teeth but there is a risk of dental implant failure with this procedure. If the dental implant does not integrate with the jaw bone completely over a period of a few months after placement, there is a risk of developing an infection at the base of the implant. This infection, known as peri implantitis, makes the dental implant unstable and increases the risk of other oral health issues. When this occurs, Prestige Periodontal may recommend LAPIP IN HOUSTON for dental implant failure in.

Understanding Treatment in LAPIP

LAPIP IN HOUSTON is an acronym for Laser-Assistant Peri Implantitis procedure and it design to treat an infection in the mouth by targeting infected tissues with a soft tissue laser. Prestige periodontal uses the same laser used to perform LANAP® for gum disease. The PerioLase® MVP-7™. This laser needs to be passed over the infected tissue only a few time to eradicate the infection and restore healthy gums. We may need to perform the surgery to remove the failed dental implant and place a new implant after the infection has completely cleared.

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Best Treatment for Failed Dental Implants

Peri implantitis is a dangerous condition that can be effectively treated with LAPIP IN HOUSTON. Prestige Periodontal has treated many dental implant failure cases using the soft tissue laser technique. It is a minimally invasive procedure performed right in our office and can eliminate the need for other procedures. The laser helps reduce inflammation and quickly restores the health of the gums.

Benefits of LAPIP for Dental Implant Failure

LAPIP is a conservative way to treat dental implant failure and can preserve the implant by eradicating the infection around the implant base. It is a virtually pain-free procedure and helps not only remove traces of infection but also stimulates gum tissue regeneration. This targeted treatment can help the implant integrate fully with the jaw bone, preventing the need for surgery.

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