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Dr Nina Bhatti | dentist near 77079

Dr. Nina Bhatti was born in Chicago, IL, and spent her childhood in San Francisco, CA. She has lived in Houston, TX since 1980 and currently resides in Missouri City with her three daughters, Ayesha, Fatima, and Maryam. Her parents and four sisters all live nearby, which allows frequent visits. When she is not practicing dentistry, she is a mother, a cook, and a chauffeur for her children! She also enjoys reading, sewing, organizing, and spending time with her family. When given the opportunity, she also enjoys traveling with her daughters. Although she was born and raised in the United States, she speaks fluent Urdu.

She attended Houston Baptist University and received her DDS from the University Of Texas School of Dentistry in Houston. She is very involved in continuing education to stay up-to-date on current topics, trends, and issues in dentistry.


Nina Bhatti’s patients can be assured that she will continue to advance her education to provide the most comprehensive care to her patients. Dr. Nina is also certified to provide nitrous oxide sedation and is Invisalign® certified.

Working in the dental profession has been a joy for her. With the evolution of new and cutting-edge technology, it is fulfilling to treat patients and help them improve their overall health as well as their oral health. Dr Nina Bhattienjoys meeting all the different people, who are all different ages with different backgrounds and different life experiences. She is grateful to be a part of their lives, and hopefully, she can impact them in a positive way. Nina Bhatti has loved serving the people in the greater Houston community for more than 17 years and has enjoyed meeting diverse people from all walks of life. She wants each patient’s dental experience to be a positive one, focused on an accurate diagnosis, safe and effective treatment, and comfort.